We make our knowledge and professionalism that we have built up over the years available to our customers so that personalised solutions can be found to problems that may arise.


We make available covered areas, uncovered areas, areas with canopies, ground-level areas and areas with shelves where the goods can be stored as required.


We are able to propose solutions to the most varied and stringent requests thanks to our array of machinery that we own which is compatible with a wide range of modern types of goods vehicles.


Our warehouse is equipped with 9 loading bays with telescopic ramps, which are essential tools for carrying out quick and safe loading and unloading.


THIS IS THE RESULT of a process of work, investment outlays, and the continual, gradual building up of knowledge and professionalism which enables us to offer full management of warehouses.

Onboard forklifts

We are the first firm in Italy to have approved this type of goods vehicle, equipped with an onboard forklift.